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Breathing Life Into A Kitchen Hood

When we planned out our dream kitchen, we knew we wanted to incorporate the Wolf range that came with our house…cause, duh…!  The range had a built in overhead hood, that was wrapped with a custom cover that matched the existing french-chateau-style cabinets.  As is always the case, we didn’t know what we were going to find once we removed the cover…would the hood be in pristine condition, or would we need to buy a new one? 

The demo revealed some definite issues to be addressed. The vent pipe was completely exposed, there were holes drilled into the hood to attach the old decorative hood, and we really weren’t sure how to tie in a backsplash, while keeping it all simple and clean. 

Since we are just amateurs over here, it took us a bit of time to think through what to do with this design dilemma. I was determined to figure out a way to use the existing hood rather than buying a new one – but I was stumped for solutions to fix the nail holes on the front of the hood. They had puckered the face of the metal, so they weren’t easily fixed. I had some thinking to do. As you can see, we finished pretty much everything in the kitchen with the exception of the hood:

I started thinking about attaching a simple faceplate to the front of the hood – which seemed like a simple enough idea – but one that may look like an obvious fix to a problem spot. I thought about how I wanted our kitchen to be a warm and welcoming space, with some playfulness to it – so this was an opportunity to create something that looked intentional and set that right tone for our kitchen and our home.  What if we engraved a saying into the cover plate…isn’t that right Joanna Gaines? What if it simply said Yum Yum? AND to tie it in to the rest of our kitchen, which has brass accents, what if the words were water-jet lasered from the stainless plate, to reveal a brass plate underneath? YES!

I found the right crew to make this all happen down in Huntington Beach at Milco Waterjet.  I was so excited when I picked up the plates!!

Next stop…getting the steel plate brushed…and installing a simple brushed stainless steel backsplash and cover for the vent pipe. AND….here. you. go!  yum. yum.

By the way, we glued the plates together and to the existing hood with some intense JB Weld Epoxy from Home Depot.   Quick and easy. And I couldn’t be happier with how the whole project turned out! 

Thanks for reading along… if you would like to know more about our remodel – you can Read more about it here!