Jen 2 bwsqHi.  I’m a Los Angeles-based indie-music Publisher, Creative Project Director, and Content Creator.

After earning my degree in Sociology and Business Administration, I began my career in the music industry as a project manager for a small record label. My time there formed my taste for creative publishing, project oversight and team development. This was also the time when my absolute passion for the process of making records began…I just love being in the studio, working with artists, and helping to get music out into the world. I think music makes life simply, better, and I knew that my life’s work needed to be ‘around’ music in some way.

I spent the next 15 years honing my project planning and publishing skills, working as a Production Manager for a nationally distributed magazine publisher and as a Communications Director for a large church in Southern California. It was a thrilling time, managing overlapping schedules, dreaming up and implementing new ideas, and working with teams of creative writers, designers, musicians, videographers and web developers.  I realized that, for me, each new project is like a rocket launch…seeing the big picture as the plans come into view, working out every detail with built-in contingency plans, and realizing the final outcome. As I initiate the first step of each new project, I get a serious sense of exhilaration, a feeling of anticipation and expectation for the journey that’s to come, and excitement for the final landing spot…it’s all just launching rockets.

In 2011, my husband Bobby and I decided to step out on our own and we started a boutique record label and publishing company, CatBeach Music. Working closely with our artists, I oversee their projects, develop creative content, and manage licensing and royalties.  For a self-employed project manager, living by deadlines can become King, ruling over and confining every decision both in work and play. These past few years, I’ve had to work at achieving a happy balance in my personal and professional life – learning how to be flexible, staying healthy as I get older, and enjoying each moment when deadlines come and go. I’ve learned that taking the time out to make a delicious meal or saying ‘yes’ to lunch with a friend is just as important as the work we’re doing. And I’ve discovered joy in simple rituals like stepping outside to cut off a branch of fresh rosemary to serve with a carefully prepared meal. The fullness of life is found when you are present in the details.

So now, as I embark on some new projects, both personal and professional, I decided to share my process, reflect on my insights, and give some sneak-peaks along the way. I hope you will follow along!

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